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Creatively Complicated

Sep 20, 2019

I just went back in time and counted: Summer and I shared over 20 Whats App voice messages after listening to the Bittersweet Life Podcast episode on creativity. We had already started Creatively Complicated and hadn’t thought much about guests because, well, that’s kind of like two people on a first date talking about kid names. Even so, I think we both knew that if and when we did start interviewing people, Katy and Tiffany would be at the top of the wish list. So here we are, in guesting heaven. Welcome, the free coffee and chocolates are on the left. 

And on the right are our guests, Katy Sewall and Tiffany Parks, the two creative goddesses that host the Bittersweet Life Podcast. They are childhood friends who met again in Rome, Italy about 5 years ago and started this project together. Separately, they are Katy, an NPR radio personality with heaps of experience and training with a strong vein of story rebellion and curiosity to want more from audio. And Tiffany, an Author with theatre and opera experience that are reflected in the gentleness of her storytelling. Together in the Bittersweet Life Podcast they capture the nuances of Rome, expat life and the connections that make personal passion projects like this rewarding and difficult simultaneously. It is hard to tease out the different slices of life they cover in their podcast and that is what makes it so scrumptious. It is, in fact, like a good dish where you think you can identify the ingredients but they blend together so well in that particular combination of temperature, texture and quantity that you dare not try. Dare not, just listen :

This episode is part of the vulnerability interview series on Creatively Complicated. The first interview was a few weeks ago with Jessica Kupferman of She Podcasts  

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Tiffany and Katy’s 200th episode life event (Love the part where Tiffany reads from the book, about 7:50 into the video)

Links:  (in order)

-Bittersweet Life Podcast, episode 252 Creativity

-Crow story : article:, Bittersweet Life, ep 51, , Follow up ep 61:, - Death, Sex and Money,Anna Sale,

-Why Won’t You Date Me? Podcast, Nicole Byer:


“Try to picture a person that you’ll be vulnerable in front of and try to forget that your parents are listening or watching.” Katy, tips for new vulnerable creatives

“I didn’t think about it but Katy was trained to think about it.” -Tiffany, on her being recognized by a Listener

“When you do something crazy like that and the entire Internet rips it off, it’s disheartening.” -Katy, on her Crow photo on the Bittersweet Life socials going viral

“Podcasting is a tiny bit more vulnerable because there isn’t a boss person ……….” Tiffany on the freedom of podcasting 

“It’s a thing that passes by like a car.” -Katy, on the lack of feedback (or lack thereof) in podcasting

And a big thank you to Alex of Kwick Lights ( for recording our snazzy new intro/outro jingles! Thanks also to Lena of Lena On The Move ( for the sound idea and pulling this together for us! Check out Alex and Lena's Nuremberg-based band, Off The Grid, at 


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